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Öko-design. Kreativitás. Stíluselem.


Lamp design

- Small quantity, limited edition lamps

- Bespoke items

- Production of design perspective


Lamp manufacture

- Design and manufacture of small-quantity, limitededition

lamps made of environment-friendly materials

- Bespoke lamps made of porcelain and/or antique objects

- Standard lamps altered by request

- Bespoke lamps made of materials provided by the client


Lamp sales

- Design and manuifacture of bespoke collections for

private clients as well as trade partners

- Operation of distrinution chains

- Planned seasonal sales and marketing support


Lamp shade design

- Understanding of interior design concept by personal

appointment and on-site surveyes – standard or nonstandard


- Production of lamp shade design perspective

- The design of hand-made, bespoke lamp shades made

of materials chosen or provided by the client


Lamp shade production

- Restoration of existing lamps

- Production of original, non-reproduced or limitededition

bespoke lamp shades

- Pieces made of any chosen material or antiquity subject

to plasticity and resilience


What was once beautiful will be so again! Our ‘save the

souvenirs’ mission aspires the preservation of objects

with an emotional value by restoring and transforming

them into a unique! Lamp

Allow us to show you our perception of gentle and


caring creativity!